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Avoiding Bonnaroo Citations and Arrests

Posted by John C. Taylor | Jun 12, 2015 | 0 Comments

Don't let an arrest ruin your weekend

Historically, this June weekend in Tennessee is one when 70 to 90 thousand music lovers commemorate for four days of sunshine, partying and rock and roll, as part of the annual Bonnaroo festivities. However, this year the stakes are higher for Bonnaroo participants who pair their musical experiences with illegal substances or drive under the influence.

In years past, the Coffee County District allowed festival-goers to pay inflated fines in order to avoid appearing in court on minor citations. But now, District Attorney Craig Northcott is putting his predecessor's policy to rest, exercising his belief that “Justice isn't for sale.”

This is bad news for anyone trying to escape their weekend's misfortune by sending a check in the mail. Instead, after receiving a citation one must appear in court, hire attorneys and take care of their misconduct in Coffee County.

Whether you are driving to and from Manchester or are at the Great Stage Park venue, Tennessee officers will be highly alert and on the lookout for suspicious behavior surrounding this weekend's Bonnaroo events.

How should you avoid an illegal party foul? Murfreesboro criminal defense  attorneys at the law firm of Dotson and Taylor agree that an arrest is definitely preventable by being prepared beforehand. A few tips:

  1. Before hitting the road, make sure your designated driver's equipment is working properly, their automobile license plates are up-to-date and they do not plan on driving under the influence of any drugs or alcohol.
  2. If you are the driver, do not allow passengers to drink or smoke marijuana on the ride.
  3. Know that your driver has packed his or her license, registration and insurance and obeys all traffic laws.
  4. Make sure your driver is not distracted by a cell phone or other electronic devices. BlueTooth technology is encouraged.
  5. Keep any medication in the trunk and do not bring guns or weapons of any kind on your trip.
  6. When stopped, turn off your engine and roll down the window. Make sure that your driver's hands are visible and that they are honest and acting polite and cooperative with officers. Refrain from telling stories, do not consent to search your car, person or belongings, and do not answer questions; demand a lawyer.
  7. If you are arrested, do not resist or become visibly angry. Undercover police do not have to explain that they are officers, or why you are being arrested.
  8. Don't answer questions without a lawyer. Our Murfreesboro criminal defense attorneys are only a phone call away.
  9. Use your phone call, keep it short and vague, and do not talk about your case with other inmates.
  10. It is important to know that possession of ½ ounce or less of cannabis is a misdemeanor, and over ½ an ounce is a felony. If this is your first criminal charge, you may be eligible to get the case expunged, but call one of our experienced Tennessee criminal lawyers before you enter a plea bargain.

260 people were cited at Bonnaroo in 2014. Do not become one of them!

What if you receive a citation or are arrested at Bonnaroo?

In the unfortunate occurrence that you do receive a citation, or are arrested, the Murfreesboro criminal defense lawyers at Dotson & Taylor are available to help. Whether you are facing a DUI, drug charge or motor vehicle accident while at Bonnaroo, you can trust that our attorneys know the ropes and provide innovative strategies to reduce any penalties you may face.

For a free consultation, call 615-890-1982 or send an email to schedule a free consultation today. Available 24/7 to handle Bonnaroo arrests. We accept phone consultations.

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