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Taylor Law Group focusses on you.  Criminal charges of any kind (DUI, domestic assault, theft, fraud, sexual offenses, drug charges) have a potentially devastating impact on your life and your future.  Your freedom, your job, your family and your future are all at stake.  Taylor Law Group takes the time to get to know you, your life, your circumstance and your priorities as we craft a defense strategy to preserve all that is most valuable to you.  

Aggressive representation for a wide range of crimes

Taylor Law Group is a full-service, client-focused criminal defense law firm. There is no criminal case we cannot handle. Our criminal areas of practice are broad and comprehensive and include:

College students facing criminal charges – College is an exciting time and many young people find themselves in new situations for the first time.  Taylor Law Group works hard to make sure that minor mistakes don't turn into long-term burdens.

College student drug possession – Drug charges carry a stigma on your record that can follow you throughout your life.  Having a drug-related offense on your record as a college student can impact your ability to receive financial aid and grants and even lead to expulsion.  Taylor Law Group always focuses on your future.  

Date Rape  – If you've been accused of rape, you may be overwhelmed by the stigma attached to the accusation—both privately and in the court of public opinion.  Taylor Law Group works tirelessly to employ a strong defense on your behalf.

Domestic assault and other violent crimes – Violent crimes can lead to significant consequences, including restraining orders, loss of gun rights, and incarceration.  Taylor Law Group diligently pursues every legal defense available under the law. 

Drug charges – Drug crimes are some of the most common criminal cases many people face. From relatively minor possession to drug trafficking charges, Taylor Law Group analyzes each aspect of your case, from false positive drug tests to illegal searches.

Drug Trafficking – Taylor Law Group has the skills and experience to handle all drug trafficking cases and are well-versed in Tennessee drug laws.

Drug Manufacturing – Whether you're facing charges relating to relatively minor simple possession of a small amount of drugs, or serious drug trafficking and conspiracy, Taylor Law Group is ready to help you develop a strong defense strategy.

Drug Possession – Drug possession charges can be wide-ranging in scope and seriousness.  Taylor Law Group approaches every case with the focus and determination necessary to protect your rights and your future.   

Drug Sales – A conviction for selling drugs can bring serious consequences, often including extended jail time.  Taylor Law Group explores every avenue of defense for you.

DUI – DUI cases are very common and very serious.  Taylor Law Group thoroughly investigates the circumstances of your traffic stop, DUI investigation and arrest, always meticulously examining the police procedures used.  

Fraud Crimes – So-called fraud crimes may not seem particularly serious on the surface, but to those who find themselves at the center of a criminal investigation, the implications of a fraud charge can be profound.  Often the subject of long investigations, Taylor Law Group can protect you at the pre-charge phase as well as after charges are brought by the State.

Hazing – Hazing among college students is no longer an accepted practice by universities and police.  Whether considered acts of assault, domestic abuse, harassment or harmful criminal conduct, a hazing allegation can pose serious risks to your future.  Taylor Law Group takes pride in protecting the rights and futures of college students. 

Internet Solicitation – Online solicitation is more and more prevalent in our society where everyone has a smartphone and internet connected devises.  Taylor Law Group is extremely skilled in the defense of online solicitation crimes.  

Medicare Fraud – Whether accused of fraud in applying for or maintaining government benefits, Taylor Law Group is equipped to protect your rights.  

Probation violations – If you're on probation, there are specific rules and guidelines that you must adhere to. Taylor Law Group helps numerous clients avoid extended sentences and enhanced punishments.

Sex crimes – Sexual offenses are extremely serious and require a delicate balance of aggressive defense strategies and sensitivity to all involved.  Taylor Law Group has extensive experience navigating clients through all types of sexual offense allegations.  

Sex crimes and child pornography – Sex crimes such as sexual assault, rape and child pornography are inherently emotional and extremely serious.  Taylor Law Group combines compassion and thoroughness as we defend against the most sensitive and serious offenses.

Theft – Theft crimes encompass a variety of charges and range from minor petty theft to high value property theft, with an extremely wide variety of legal and life implications.  Taylor Law Group provides detailed strategies and innovative solutions to protect your freedom and preserve your future.

Underage DUI –  If your underage son or daughter has been charged with DUI, your entire family feels the stress and pressure of this serious event.  Taylor Law Group crafts a specific, client-centered defense, knowing that protecting your child's future is critical to success in life ahead.

White Collar Crimes – White collar crime, originally associated with lying and theft, now covers the full range of fraudulent conduct committed by individuals, businesses and government officials.  Taylor Law Group knows that the government must prove specific conduct in order to prosecute you, and we tirelessly hold the government to its burden of proof.  

Regardless of what type of criminal charges you are facing, Taylor Law Group has the experience, knowledge and skills that you need to diligently defend you and achieve the best possible outcome.

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