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So-called fraud crimes may not seem particularly serious on the surface, but to those who find themselves at the center of a criminal investigation, the implications of a fraud charge can be profound. Prosecution of fraud is often pursued at the federal level, and the penalties upon conviction can be harsh. In addition, prosecutors tend to pursue fraud charges either as a possible backup to other, harder-to-prove criminal charges, or as a means to gain leverage against a defendant.

If you have found yourself at the center of a government fraud investigation, it is critical that you retain an experienced Murfreesboro criminal defense attorney well-versed in fraud crimes as quickly as possible to protect not only your rights, but your freedom and your future. The experienced Murfreesboro criminal defense attorney team at Taylor Law Group has vast experience exhaustively and aggressively defending clients against criminal fraud charges in both state and federal courts.

What types of fraud does the government investigate?

Activities which commonly spawn fraud investigations include:

-Mortgage fraud, whether for profit by lenders through inflation of property values, or by borrowers misrepresenting themselves during the mortgage process.

-Health care fraud, whether by providers billing patients and insurers for unnecessary treatment, or by patients filing false claims or “doctor shopping” to obtain prescribed drugs.

-Medicare fraud can also involve false billing by providers, as well as kickbacks for patient referrals—illegal when medical services are federally funded.

-Securities fraud, such as insider trading, backdated stock options, or operation of a Ponzi scheme.

-Bank fraud, such as gaining loan money using false information, or using straw transactions to launder money.

-Mail fraud, a favorite charge in federal prosecutions, occurs upon any use of the mail system to fraudulently obtain money.

-Wire fraud, much like mail fraud, is also a federal crime, but is used when money is transferred by electronic means.

Tax fraud, which can range from evading taxes to filing false information on a tax return.

As shown, any questionable action can attract the attention of federal or state investigators, who then seek to determine the intent of the person making that action. An unwitting, perhaps flippant remark made to an investigator looking into a particular transaction or matter can have profoundly negative ramifications when subsequently used as evidence of wrongful intent.

What can an attorney do for me?

Even if you have been arrested and charged with a fraud crime, many options remain available. Our skilled Murfreesboro fraud defense team is experienced in defending these cases and carefully scrutinize the case against you and present evidence refuting the accusation of fraud. Count on us to:

  • Aggressively pursue dismissal of all charges.
  • Challenge the evidence against you, possibly having it thrown out as having been obtained in violation of your 4th Amendment rights.
  • Negotiate with prosecutors in order to minimize the charges and punishment.
  • Earn acquittal on the charges by effectively arguing your case in court.

Even if you are convicted, we can still seek to have your sentence vacated or conviction reversed through the appeals process. We are dedicated to protecting you and your future.

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