Murfreesboro Criminal Lawyers Prevent Small Theft Crimes from Leading to Serious Consequences

Serious defense strategies and tenacious advocacy are your most powerful resources against criminal charges

Theft crimes are common occurrences that encompass a wide range of actions, from minor shoplift crimes of opportunity, to methodically planned high-dollar heists. The criminal defense team at Taylor Law Group has extensive experience helping clients facing all types of theft charges prevent small mistakes from leading to big problems. Criminal convictions on your record have the potential to negatively impact both your personal and professional life. We work hard to thoroughly investigate your case and develop a strong defense to achieve a positive resolution.

Personalized representation for all types of theft crimes

Theft crimes include stealing both property and services. Anytime you take another's property with the intent to deprive the owner, and without their consent, you may be charged with property theft. Theft of services is intentionally obtaining services through coercion, deception, fraud, forgery, false statements or any means of avoiding payment. Some of the most common theft crimes include

Minor shoplifting of property at retail stores

Using someone else's credit or debit cards

Forging someone else's name and information to get money or property

Making false insurance claims

Deceptive business practices

Identity theft

Manufacturing and selling counterfeit items

Regardless of what type of criminal theft charges you're facing, our team works hard to gather evidence and witness testimony to support your defense and mitigate your sentence.

Theft charges are based on the value of the stolen property or service

Tennessee law grades crimes of theft and property according to a monetary scale. The greater the dollar value, the more serious the criminal charge.

Penalties for misdemeanor theft convictions usually include fines and community service. Felony convictions often involve incarceration in addition to thousands of dollars in fines.

Don't let a seemingly minor mistake lead to significant consequences, call  premier Murfreesboro criminal defense attorneys for solid advice and counsel

Being charged with a crime is an intimidating and confusing experience. There are many details and deadlines you must be aware of to make sure your mistake doesn't lead to unnecessary and long-term problems. The Murfreesboro criminal defense team at Taylor Law Group understands the challenges you're going through and strive to make the process as seamless as possible. To discuss your options during a free initial consultation, call us at 615-890-1982 or contact us online today. We are located downtown next to the historic City Café.