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Individuals facing criminal charges for white collar crimes are often the last to realize they have been the focus of a law enforcement investigation. Often, when people are approached by seemingly friendly government agents, they tend to speak freely, unaware the government may have set a trap for them, with the intention of ultimately using those responses against them.

At Taylor Law Group, our experienced Murfreesboro criminal defense team has vast courtroom experience vigorously defending Tennessee residents who have been unwittingly caught up in large-scale, often highly complicated state and federal white collar crimes such as fraud, embezzlement, money laundering and bribery.

What types of crimes are considered white collar crimes?

The term “white collar crime” has no specific legal definition; instead, it is generally used to refer to non-violent crimes that are financial in nature. Often, but not always, white collar crimes are prosecuted at the federal level, rather than in state or local courts. Investigations into these crimes tend to be elaborate and intrusive.

Crimes commonly considered to be white collar crimes include:

Fraud, ranging from insurance and tax fraud to mail and wire fraud, as well as identity theft or forgery.

-Money laundering, including any of the various means by which profits earned from criminal activity is transformed into legitimate earnings.

Embezzlement, which is the theft of money or property by that person entrusted to handle it, and other types of theft, conversion or larceny.

-Public corruption crimes, crimes, such as bribery, kickbacks, or even extortion of public officials.

-These criminal charges are not to be taken lightly. The penalties, upon conviction—fines, prison time, property forfeitures, and restitution—can be harsh, and the legal process is complicated and lengthy.

If I hire an attorney, won't that make me look guilty?

No. Very often, people as the focus of a law enforcement investigation into alleged white collar crime activity are unaware, until a significant amount of evidence has already been obtained against them. Questioning suspects while they remain unaware of pending charges is often a key part of the prosecution's strategy.

Defending a white collar crime case requires both in-depth knowledge of state and federal statutes, as well as many highly technical matters of legal procedure. Simply trying to talk your way out of a problem by answering questions is a bad idea. Our skilled Murfreesboro white collar crime team, acting on your behalf, is prepared to mount an aggressive defense on your behalf, submitting evidence showing a lack of criminal intent, scrutinizing and analyzing the gathered evidence for weaknesses in the government's case, and seeking the most favorable outcome possible for you at all stages of your case.

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Investigations into suspected white collar crimes can be intrusive and intimidating. The unwanted public attention and complicated legal processes can be a nightmare. If you have been arrested for a white collar crime, or if you believe you might a target in a white collar crime investigation, you need an attorney with the specialized experience and knowledge necessary to defend you in state or federal court. The skilled Murfreesboro white collar crime team at Taylor Law Group can help. Trust us to protect your dignity and your rights. Contact us online or call 615-890-1982 for a free consultation.