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Palcohol – What is it and is it Safe?

Posted by John C. Taylor | Apr 29, 2015 | 0 Comments

A new fad in alcohol consumption has led to significant controversy

Just this March, the U.S. Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau approved a new form of alcohol for sale and consumption. Powdered alcohol, known as Palcohol, is becoming the latest beverage trend. Palcohol is simply a powdered form of alcohol that is mixed with water to instantly create a flavored alcoholic beverage. Popular versions such as vodka, rum and margarita variants are now available for purchase in most states. One packet of palcohol mixed with six ounces of water carries the same alcohol content as a standard drink.

There are concerns that the powdered nature of Palcohol makes it more likely to be abused and consumed in places where alcohol is prohibited. A packet of powder is arguably easier to conceal than a bottle. The recent approval of Palcohol has led many states to take action and prevent it from being sold. Currently, Palcohol is banned in Vermont, South Carolina and Louisiana. States such as Colorado, Rhode Island and New York are currently in the process of banning it. Massachusetts defines alcohol as a liquid substance and thus Palcohol is inherently prohibited from that state.  Tennessee is also in the process of banning Palcohol.

As Palcohol is still a new product, it is unknown if it is in fact more dangerous than liquid alcohol or if it will prove to be more of an enticement for younger people. Critics argue that in some ways a powdered substance is more likely to end up in the hands of children who mistake it for a form of candy and ingest it. It is also argued that users may mix more than one packet of alcohol into a serving of water thus consuming a large amount of alcohol in a very small window of time.

Even in states where Palcohol is legal, it is subject to the same laws governing alcohol consumption and abuse. If Palcohol is indeed banned in Tennessee, it is likely that it may continue to gain attention as people are arrested for possession and driving under the influence of it in the same way as if it were marijuana or liquid alcohol.

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