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Skilled representation for all criminal defense, family law and personal injury matters

For more than 40 years, the Rutherford County attorneys at Taylor Law Group have been providing quality legal services to individuals and families throughout Tennessee. Whether you are in need of an experienced criminal defense attorney to fight for your rights when government prosecutors accuse you of committing a crime, or require trusted advice and representation about a divorce or a personal injury claim, our nationally-ranked attorneys are there when you need them.

Personal attention and unparalleled dedication in Rutherford County

We put the extensive background, superior knowledge and credentials that earned us recognition as the National Trial Lawyers Top 100 to work on behalf of every client we represent. Our client-focused, solutions oriented approach to the practice of law are only two of the things which set us apart. Other key factors which set our firm apart include:

  • Knowledge and skill: We are committed to constantly enriching our knowledge of the laws and enhancing our practical skills to better serve our clients. This commitment includes maintaining membership in organizations such as the National College for DUI Defense to stay current and up-to-date on changes in laws or defense strategies.
  • Compassion: A DUI arrest or child custody dispute are just a few of the emotionally-charged, traumatic legal matters we help you resolve. Our Rutherford County attorneys are dedicated client advocates who understand tumultuous legal matters require compassion and reliable guidance.
  • Easily accessible: We've spent more than four decades providing skilled representation and trusted advice clients have come to depend upon when their lives, families and well-being depend on it. We take our responsibility to keep clients informed and educated about the legal matters they have entrusted to us with very seriously.

People throughout Tennessee depend upon and trust the legal team at Taylor Law Group. Whether you require a tenacious criminal defense lawyer, a savvy, solution-oriented family law attorney, or a highly-skilled litigator, clients rely upon our more than four decades of experience and know-how.

Skillful advocacy when you need it most in Rutherford County

Criminal law, litigation and family law are areas in which choosing the right attorney can be the deciding factor in achieving a favorable outcome. When you need a trusted attorney with a proven record of success, the attorneys at Taylor Law Group are there for you, including top-notch representation in the following areas:

  • DUI Defense: If you are charged with DUI, the jail sentences and fines that judges may impose are just the beginning of the consequences that you may face. A DUI conviction can result in the loss of your license to drive which can affect your ability to get to and from work or school. We have been named in the list of 10 Best Attorneys in terms of client satisfaction by the American Institute of DUI/DWI Attorneys. We are tough-minded, tenacious and relentless when it comes to developing and executing a defense strategy designed to obtain the most favorable results when you are charged with DUI.
  • Family Law: When child custody disputes, divorce, spousal or child support, and other family law issues arise, our attorneys have the knowledge and skills to mediate, litigate and negotiate them to achieve superior results. We never lose sight of the emotional pain frequently associated with family law matters, so our attorneys are always available to answer any questions or to address any concerns that might arise.
  • Criminal Defense: We have more than 40 years of experience representing individuals charged by the government with violating state criminal laws. When you are facing incarceration, substantial fines and a criminal record that could prevent you from working, you want attorneys representing you who are up to the task. Whether you are arrested on drug charges, assault or for committing sex crimes, our resourceful attorneys challenge every aspect of the government's case.

Our Rutherford County attorneys are dedicated to obtaining positive results for you and your family

If you have a family law, criminal law, or DUI matter, there is no reason to feel lost and alone. The trusted attorneys at the Rutherford County offices of Taylor Law Group are prepared to put our more than four decades of award-winning experience to work for you. Contact us today to schedule a free consultation and case evaluation by calling 615-890-1982, or you can use the convenient contact form on our website.