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The Cops Are Asking Questions . . .

Posted by John C. Taylor | Jun 06, 2022 | 0 Comments

There's a knock at the door- the cops want to talk.  TO YOU.

Clients often report that they believe they are being investigated, but don't know what to do.

I encounter this frequently in my practice.  You have not yet been charged, but law enforcement is making contact- sometimes very often.  Calling you. knocking on your door.  Showing up to your place of work. 

Maybe you were involved in a car accident, or a there has been a report of wrongdoing.  No one has been arrested (yet), but the cops "just want to talk," they say.  "We want to get your side."  "This is all just a formality."  "We just need to talk to you before we can all turn the page on this whole thing."  "You help us, we'll help you."  

Clients often fall for the old police trick of "if you cooperate with us, you are actually helping yourself."  In my experience, the more you "cooperate", particularly without the guidance of a skilled attorney, the more evidence you are giving the police as they to try to put you behind bars.  Too often clients buy into this falsehood, spend hours talking to police BEFORE CONSULTING WITH AN ATTORNEY, and end up on the losing end of a serious prosecution and jail sentence.  All because they were duped into believing their investigators were actually their friends.  They are not.  

NEVER SPEAK TO THE POLICE WITHOUT FIRST CONSULTING WITH AN ATTORNEY!!!  Your rights and freedom are too important to give up and give away just because your investigators want you to believe that they are your friends. 

Taylor Law Group can navigate this difficult situation for you.  Taylor Law Group acts as your protector and your guide to keep law enforcement off your doorstep and off your back.  Once you have an attorney, all contact MUST GO THROUGH YOUR ATTORNEY, and the cops can't contact you.  PERIOD.

If you are under investigation- contact Taylor Law Group to be your protector and guide.




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John C. Taylor is a Murfreesboro native and a graduate of Oakland High School. He earned his bachelor's degree from Furman University in Greenville, SC, where he participated in the Furman Advantage Research program, studying religion in American politics. John also earned his Master's degree.


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