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Robbery is perhaps the most serious theft crime on the books in Tennessee. This is because robbery is not only a property crime, but also a crime against another person. Robbery occurs when someone takes something directly from another person by using force or the threat of force. While robbery is serious on its own, armed robbery becomes even more so.

If you are accused of robbery using a deadly weapon, you need the assistance and representation of a Murfreesboro armed robbery lawyer as soon as possible. At Taylor Law Group, we help defendants facing a wide range of offenses, including robbery charges. Contact us today to discuss your case.

What is Armed Robbery in Tennessee?

There is no charge called “armed robbery” in the State of Tennessee. Instead, being armed is an aggravating factor that escalates the charges and penalties for robbery offenses. You might face the following if you are accused of being armed during the commission of a robbery:

  • Aggravated robbery - This offense happens when a robbery is committed with a deadly weapon or with something that makes the alleged victim reasonably believe that you have a deadly weapon.
  • Especially aggravated robbery - Aggravated robbery escalates to especially aggravated if someone commits a robbery with a deadly weapon AND the victim suffers serious bodily injury.

While robbery is a Class C felony in Tennessee, robbery involving a deadly weapon becomes even more serious. Consider the following charges and maximum penalties:

  • Robbery = Class C felony charges with a possible three to 15 years in state prison
  • Aggravated robbery = Class B felony charges with a possible eight to 30 years in state prison
  • Especially aggravated robbery = Class A felony charges with a possible 15 to 60 years in prison

The maximum prison sentence doubles for aggravated robbery and quadruples for especially aggravated robbery. This is why armed robbery is considered a highly severe allegation. You might also face additional charges if you did not possess the weapon lawfully.

Defending Against Armed Robbery Charges

Because the stakes are so high in armed robbery cases, it is essential to have an aggressive defense lawyer on your side. Our attorneys will review the alleged circumstances of the robbery and determine the best ways to defend against your charges. Some common defenses might include:

  • Mistaken identity and/or an alibi
  • Challenging the aggravating factors, such as you did not have a weapon or anything that would have been confused to be a weapon
  • You only committed the robbery because you were under duress or due to entrapment

In addition, your defense lawyer might be able to reach a favorable plea agreement with the prosecutor that reduces your charges and/or penalties.

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