In Memoriam- Guy R. Dotson, Jr.

Taylor Law Group stands in the proud tradition of the former law offices of Dotson & Taylor

John C. Taylor is honored to have shared an office with the late, great Guy Dotson, Jr. for more than six years.  A renowned attorney and even better man, Guy Dotson, Jr. was a pillar of strength and virtue in the legal field and in the community that he served.  Always striving to connect with his clients, understand their challenges, and guide them through their most difficult times, Guy could disarm with his smile, encourage with a down-to-earth and often entertaining story, and forever lift spirits with his famous laugh, all the while achieving wonderful results for those who came to him for help.  He will forever be missed. 

Not a day has gone by, nor will there ever be a day that goes by, that John will forget the lessons passed down from Guy.  To love, to serve, to laugh, to appreciate family, friends, clients and colleagues alike, and to attack every day with joy. 

Taylor Law Group is committed to carry on these traditions- for your future.