Tennessee Stalking Defense Attorneys

Representing Clients Facing Stalking Charges in Murfreesboro

Tennessee law sets out a serious criminal offense for stalking, as well as harsh penalties that you can face with this type of charge. Stalking cases may also be accompanied by a separate case for a restraining order requested by the stalking victim. Overall, a stalking case can impact your life for years to come.

If you were arrested for stalking in the Murfreesboro area, you need skilled defense representation. The criminal justice system is not friendly or transparent to defendants, and people who represent themselves regularly end up with much harsher outcomes than necessary. A defense lawyer will navigate the system for you, while handling a simultaneous restraining order case, as well.

Taylor Law Group is comprised of an experienced team who can defend against your stalking charges. We will be upfront about your options and will do anything in our power to seek a dismissal and avoid a conviction on your record. Contact our office directly for assistance.

Tennessee Stalking Laws

Unlike many crimes, stalking is not a one-time offense. Instead, stalking must involve a pattern of conduct that repeatedly puts another person in fear of harm. Stalking consists of the intentionally and repeatedly following or harassing another individual in a manner that caused reasonable fear.

There are many behaviors that might lead to stalking charges if they are repeated, including:

  • Showing up at someone's home or business repeatedly without permission
  • Communicating harassing or annoying messages via text, email, social media, or over the phone
  • Repeatedly following someone while in a car

Stalking charges may or may not involve a family member, spouse, or intimate partner. When it does, it can be charged in the context of domestic violence.

Possible Stalking Penalties

Stalking is generally a Class A misdemeanor in Tennessee, which is the most serious misdemeanor degree. While you might not think that a misdemeanor crime is that serious, the potential penalties if you are convicted of stalking include:

  • Fines of $2,500
  • Up to 11 months and 29 days in jail

For a second stalking offense, the charge can become a Class E felony or Class C felony, which means you might be sentenced to state prison if convicted. A felony charge on your record can make it difficult to find a job, housing, and more. It is important to avoid a first-time conviction whenever you can so you do not risk a felony conviction on your record down the line.

Consult with a Murfreesboro Stalking Defense Lawyer as Soon as Possible

Charges of stalking can lead to a conviction on your record, costly fines, and possibly jail time. You also might become subject to a protective order that restricts your rights. It is important to have an aggressive defense strategy since you can be certain the prosecutor will do everything they can to secure a conviction. Do not hesitate to seek help from the stalking criminal defense team at Taylor Law Group. Call 615-890-1982 or contact us online today.