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Theft Attorneys Defend You In Court

Under Tennessee law, the penalties for theft are severe. A conviction for theft, even a modest sum, can result in fines up to $2,500 and up to a year in jail, and as the amount you are accused of taking increases, the mandatory punishment under state law increases significantly.

If you are facing theft charges, the experienced Murfreesboro criminal defense team at Taylor Law Group  are ready to assist you today. We are committed to protecting your best interests and your future. We exhaustively investigate the charges against you, prepare a strong defense, and aggressively represent you at all stages of your case.

What is embezzlement?

Generally, embezzlement is considered to have occurred when a person entrusted with money, or other property belonging to someone else, somehow misappropriates it for their own use. People usually find the opportunity to embezzle funds in situations such as:

-Cashiers or other employees who accept cash payments from customers, such as waiters and waitresses, or even bank tellers.

-Accountants who wrongfully transfer funds between customer accounts, or into their own bogus accounts.

-Employees with the authorization to sign company checks who then write checks to themselves.

-Employees who conspire with one another, or with clients, to engage in transactions in a manner which diverts funds from the employer.

-Each of these examples involves an employee who has been given some type of authority by their employer, giving them some measure of responsibility for company cash and assets, and sometimes also providing the means of embezzlement, such as computer authorization allowing the falsification of records, or a key to a drawer containing blank company checks.

What are the penalties for theft/embezzlement in Tennessee?

Tennessee law makes no distinction between embezzlement and any other type of property theft. Instead, theft is categorized under statute by the amount of money, or the value of the property, stolen and as that amount increases, so too does the seriousness of the charge and punishment upon conviction.

It comes as no surprise, the higher the value of the theft, the greater the more serious the charge and more severe the punishment becomes.  Big or small, no theft charge is a minor matter.  Taylor Law Group aggressively defends all theft allegations.  

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