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Benefits and consequences associated with orders of protection

Orders of protection are intended to prevent abusive or threatening conduct. A violation of an order of protection can lead to the arrest and incarceration for almost a year for the person charged with violating it. At Taylor Law Group, our Murfreesboro order of protection attorneys commit our extensive knowledge and skills acquired through more than 40 years of experience to advising and representing individuals in need of orders of protection and defending those charged with violating them.

Tennessee laws offer protection for victims of domestic violence

An order of protection may be requested from a judge in situations in which the person seeking the order has been the victim of any of the following acts:

  • Sexual Assault: An order of protection may be obtained against an individual who threatens or actually commits any of the rape or sexual battery crimes defined under state law. Including in the list of crimes are statutory rape, rape, aggravated rape, sexual battery, aggravated sexual battery and authority figure sexual battery.
  • Stalking: It is a crime to willfully harass another individual as a course of conduct if doing so causes terror, fear, intimidation or if the victim is threatened or bothered by such conduct.
  • Domestic Abuse: A victim who has been injured or fears physical harm or injury may seek an order of protection from the offender. Threats that put a victim in fear of being physically harmed are grounds under Tennessee law for the issuance of an order of protection.

A relationship must exist between the parties

State law restricts orders of protection to situations in which there is a relationship between the person seeking the order and the person who could potentially be subject to civil and criminal penalties for violating it. Our attorneys know that many people incorrectly assume that orders of protection only apply to immediate family, such as a spouse, children, siblings or parents. In fact, the law extends orders of protection eligibility to the following:

  • Spouses or former spouses
  • Individuals residing together now or in the past, regardless of relationship
  • Individuals who are dating or who have dated in the past
  • Individuals in a sexual relationship either now or in the past
  • Same-sex partners
  • People related by blood or adoption
  • Anyone related by marriage or who was at one time related by marriage

Serious consequences are associated with violating an order of protection

Depending upon the facts, an order of protection can direct a person to refrain from further abusive or threatening behavior, but it can also do a great deal more. It can also include provisions for temporary custody, visitation and support. Violations of an order can have severe and dire consequences. If police receive a call alleging a violation of an order of protection, the person against whom the order was issued will be arrested. A judge has the power to sentence someone who violated an order of protection to serve a jail sentence of up to 11 months and 29 days.

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