Can You Beat a DUI?

The Murfreesboro DUI Defense Team Fights for You

Too many things can go wrong with a DUI arrest. A motorist's illness, pre-existing medical condition, dangerous roads or weather, interfering substances that skew a breath test result or malfunctioning Breathalyzer equipment can spotlight faulty arrest methods and work to your advantage in court.

Taylor Law Group aggressively protects our DUI defense clients' rights in cases involving breath test refusal, commercial driver's licenses (CDL), DUI with prescription drugs, felony DUI by repeat offenders and legalities of DUI arrests.

John C. Taylor fights hard to protect your rights when police abuse their “probable cause” to arrest you for drunk driving. John puts his experience to work for you and your future.

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Can You Beat a DUI?

Our skilled Middle Tennessee DUI defense team calls the court's attention to the many things that can go wrong with a drunk driving stop and arrest, including:

  • Field sobriety test refusal
  • Breathalyzer malfunction
  • Defective breath test equipment
  • Breath test operator license status
  • Errors in determining “probable cause” — a motorist's pre-existing medical condition, distracted driving, driver fatigue, dangerous roads, inclement weather
  • Inaccurate blood test results
  • Illegal stop by police
  • Illegal search
  • In-squad videos that contradict police testimony
  • Statutes of limitations or failure to provide a speedy trial

At Taylor Law Group, our skilled DUI defense team thoroughly investigates the charges against you. We make sure the court sees every piece of evidence and hears from every eyewitness who supports you. You can benefit from our many years of trial experience, proven skills at negotiation with prosecutors and vast knowledge of DUI law, plus personal service and maximum availability to your questions and concerns throughout the process.

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