Murfreesboro Underage Drinking Attorney Prevents Citations from Hurting the Future of College Students

Protecting a small mistake from having a big impact on your life

Being in situations where underage students consume alcohol is a common part of college life. Police throughout Tennessee are now cracking down on underage drinking among college students more than ever before. At Taylor Law Group, our Murfreesboro underage consumption/DUI defense team is committed to helping students facing allegations of underage drinking. We have years of experience and a well-known reputation for exhausting every legal avenue to protect students from having a blight on their permanent record.

Should you get a Tennessee attorney if you are charged with an alcohol-related offense as an underage college student?

Criminal citations involving alcohol as an underage student must be taken seriously.  Underage drinking charges in Tennessee are considered a Class A misdemeanor, whether you have been charged with misrepresenting your age, or for possessing/consuming alcohol. A Class A misdemeanor is the highest level of misdemeanor before being charged with a felony. You need our experienced Murfreesboro underage consumption/DUI attorneys by your side to protect both your present and future interests from being negatively impacted by one of these charges. We aggressively attack all of the evidence against you to weaken the state's case as much as possible. The sooner you hire one of our DUI attorneys, the more favorable evidence we are able to gather to help your side of the case.

Penalties for underage alcohol consumption in Tennessee

An underage alcohol-related conviction from the state of Tennessee can impair the rest of your life because it can stay on your record permanently. You need to take the charges seriously so that your personal and professional life is not obstructed by having this on your record. Our Murfreesboro underage consumption/DUI defense team gets the charges thrown out whenever possible and tenaciously advocate on your behalf for sentence reductions whenever winning your case is not possible. The maximum penalties you face without an attorney by your side include:

-Jail time of up to 11 months and 29 days

-Fines of up to $2,500

-Driver's license suspension


-Court costs

If you or your child are facing an underage driving under the influence charge, contact our savvy Murfreesboro DUI team today for today a free initial consultation

The Murfreesboro DUI defense team at Taylor Law Group safeguards college students from the potential harm of a driving under the influence conviction. Tennessee penalties for underage drinking and driving are serious – count on us to fight for the results you need. Call to schedule a free initial consultation by calling us at 615-890-1982 or contact us online. We accept all major credit cards.