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Criminal Defense For Your Future

You can trust Taylor Law Group to safeguard your interests, protect your rights, and fight for your freedom and your future in any criminal charge.  

A criminal conviction carries harsh punishments that could follow you well beyond any jail sentence.  A drunk driving arrest can threaten your driving privileges, your employment, and your family.  Your criminal record reaches into your education, military service, and job prospects.

Taylor Law Group has knowledge, experience, skills and resources to find solutions that protect your freedom and your future.

John C. Taylor offers full-service, detail-oriented, client-focused representation in every case. His track record of success is well-known across the state.

For a comfortable, confidential consultation, contact us. Our phone number is 615-890-1982.  If you reach us after you have been arrested, we can arrange to meet with you at a jail or police station.

Taylor Law Group - Legal Knowledge, Attention to Detail, Personal Service

We aggressively protect your rights against arrests for drug charges, DUI, sex crimes, domestic assaults and white collar crimes.

We recognize when police procedures violate your Constitutional rights, in examples of illegal search and seizure or supposed “probable cause” for a drunk driving stop.

Timing is important if you have been accused of a serious criminal offense. Prosecutors could already be mounting a credible case against you. 


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