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Was your car searched by law enforcement at a traffic stop? Has your home been searched by police without a warrant?

You should speak with the experienced criminal defense team at Taylor Law Group about a violation of your rights known as illegal search and seizure.

When your possessions are searched spontaneously and without the proper warrant in pursuit of drugs, alcohol or guns, we can make sure that your rights are protected.

Analyzing whether a search or seizure was legal requires a close look at many factors. In a drug case, a successful challenge to evidence can mean the difference between a dismissal and a conviction — and harsh punishments that steal years of your life, drain your finances and separate you from your loved ones.

Too much is at stake for you to accept an arrest based on an illegal search. Do not speak to police or plead guilty to anything until you have spoken with our skilled defense team. Contact us by a phone call to 615-890-1982 and arrange your free consultation. We can meet with you at a police station or jail if necessary.

Aggressive Protection of Your Rights in Illegal Search and Seizure Cases

The Fourth Amendment to the U.S. Constitution protects individuals against unreasonable searches and seizures by the government. In drug cases, the legality of how evidence was obtained is frequently challenged. If the government violated your rights, the evidence cannot be used. Without the evidence to prove the charges, the state may have to dismiss its case.

In Tennessee, police can subject you to a search, but only in an emergency, or with your consent or a search warrant. Where consent is concerned, the law upholds your right to refuse this invasion of privacy. If you are threatened with a search warrant, you are within your rights to compel them to follow standard operating procedures.

Many police officers make honest mistakes during arrests. Others seem to intentionally overstep their bounds in the heat of the moment. In either instance, your constitutional rights should be top priority. Taylor Law Group researches and investigates your encounter with police and expose any misconduct that victimized you, no matter how it happened.

Illegal search and seizure, false arrest, coercion or entrapment are the kinds of overzealous police work we fight against every day, on behalf of our clients, at Taylor Law Group. Contact us immediately if you believe that an illegal search led to your arrest for a serious criminal offense.

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