Skillful Murfreesboro Drug Possession Defense Attorneys Assert Your Innocence

Drug possession defense attorneys stand by your side when college students face serious drug charges

Drug charges carry a stigma on your record that can follow you throughout your life. Having a drug-related offense on your record as a college student can impact your ability to receive financial aid and grants and even lead to expulsion. At Taylor Law Group, our Murfreesboro criminal defense team is committed to helping young people avoid the harsh penalties that come from a drug-related conviction.

Factors impacting charges and punishments for drug possession in Tennessee

Tennessee has created an increasingly complex body of drug offense laws since the 1970s. Our Murfreesboro drug crime defense team aggressively combats these charges on your behalf, fighting for your rights and protecting your freedom. Understanding the nuances of drug laws and the factors that influence a conviction enable us to protect college students from unnecessarily severe penalties. The factors that impact charges and drug sentencing in Tennessee include:

-Usage of the drugs — There are important charging and sentencing distinctions between simply possessing the drugs, being under the influence of them and selling them.

-The type of drugs — Tennessee has classifications (also known as schedules) for different types of drugs and they make a drastic impact on how you are charged.

-Your prior history — Having prior offenses on your record makes you more at risk for higher charges and enhanced sentencing.

-Your age — Courts are often more forgiving to young college students that have made a mistake. As your Murfreesboro drug possession defense team, we paint a picture to the court of how a lifelong conviction would unjustly impair the bright future ahead of you.

What our Murfreesboro drug crime defense team does to help you

Finding procedural mistakes is the most effective way to directly confront drug charges. Many drug charges begin with police searches of your personal space – clothing, car, home and personal property. Police often make subtle mistakes that make the evidence against you inadmissible. We fight against unlawfully discovered evidence to get the charges against you dropped. Every piece of evidence we are able to take out of the state's case against you weakens their chances of getting a conviction.

If you are facing drug possession charges, contact our aggressive Murfreesboro criminal defense team today for a free consultation

Your future as a current college student depends on finding an aggressive, experienced Murfreesboro criminal defense attorney to fight your drug possession charges and prevent a conviction. At Taylor Law Group, we understand the high stakes of your case. Our office is conveniently located downtown, next to the historic City Café. You can schedule a free initial consultation by calling us at 615-890-1982 or contact us online.