Murfreesboro Criminal Defense Attorneys Skilled in Defending College Students Against Hazing Charges

Understanding the seriousness of hazing

Hazing among college students is no longer an accepted practice by universities and police. Every college in Tennessee now has a zero tolerance policy when it comes to hazing. It is now considered a serious criminal violation that may also expose you to civil lawsuits. You can even go to prison and be considered a felon for the rest of your life for being a part of a hazing ritual. Our Murfreesboro criminal defense attorneys at Taylor Law Group aggressively defend your reputation, freedom and liberties from the penalties that come with a hazing conviction.

What is considered hazing for college students in Tennessee?

Sororities, fraternities and other collegiate organizations have behaviors they have engaged in for decades as “rites of passage” that are now considered hazing. The lines on what traditions are considered unlawful can be blurry. Our Murfreesboro criminal defense attorneys protect you from ruining your future based on a hazing conviction. The general definition of hazing is any abuse a student must endure in order to become accepted by an organization. We know abuse is not necessarily clear, and the outcomes of an innocent tradition sometimes have unintended results. The general types of abuse that lead to criminal liability for collegiate hazing include:

-Physical harm

-Mentally abusive behaviors

-Pressuring to engage in sexual acts

-Forced nudity

-Public shaming or humiliation

-Forcing to drink dangerously

Common misconceptions about Tennessee college hazing cases

There are two major misconceptions that our Murfreesboro hazing defense attorneys have noticed that college students in Tennessee commonly have. The first is that it is not a crime if the new member consents to the hazing act. By law, the hazed student has no right to consent to a hazing ritual based on the undue pressure exerted on them to gain acceptance. Thus, you cannot use consent as a defense to a hazing allegation. The second misconception is that only the person “in charge” of officiating the ritual is potentially liable. Witnesses have legal obligations to the victim as well. Even by simply not reporting the act can put you into legal trouble.

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