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Biden Changing Gun Control Laws and Trying to Ban Ghost Guns

Posted by John C. Taylor | Jun 01, 2021 | 0 Comments

The Biden Administration is taking action against gun violence in the United States, proposing new laws and signing Executive Orders that will change the status quo. This was something that President Biden campaigned on, and he is seeking to follow up now that he is in office.

Executive Orders Banning Ghost Guns and Stabilizing Braces

One major area of focus is on “ghost guns.” These are kits that buyers can use to assemble guns on their own. They have all the parts necessary to make a weapon, and these guns do not have any serial numbers, so law enforcement cannot trace the gun. Biden's concern is that this kit could be readily available to anyone, and the guns cannot be tracked once they are assembled.

In addition, Biden is seeking to ban stabilizing braces. This is a modification to a gun that makes it look and act like a rifle. These have been used in mass shootings, and they allow shooters to fire more rapidly. Biden had tried to focus on these first two matters through Executive Orders that do not need the approval of Congress. Still, they can be challenged in the courts.

Biden Wants to Pass and Encourage New Gun Control Laws

In addition, Biden is also pushing for states to pass their own gun control laws. He has advanced template legislation for states to pass their own “red flag” laws. These would enable law enforcement or family members to petition the court to take away someone's gun if they are deemed to be a danger to themselves or others.

Biden has also called on Congress to pass legislation mandating universal background checks and banning assault weapons. He is pursuing one of the most far-reaching agendas when it comes to gun control that has ever been advanced. However, the administration is likely going to have to settle for a small part of his program.

As much as President Biden wants to change the gun control laws, his plans will need to bow to the reality of the situation. In a closely divided Congress, there is little chance of passing any substantive laws. Accordingly, Biden will have to make changes through Executive Actions. These are easier to challenge in federal court, especially if they overreach.

Gun rights will continue to be a major issue between the two major political parties. Biden is trying to press an advantage with the National Rifle Association facing financial difficulties and effectively sidelined. However, gun ownership is a cultural flashpoint that evokes strong emotions on both sides. New regulations and laws generally come about slowly, if they are passed at all.

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